René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas & Galen Pejeau Present

A Solo-Friendly TTRPG of Demon Hunting and Community Building in a Dwarven Asteroid Mine.

Brokur Longneck of House Grandrock has passed away and you are his only surviving relative(s).In his will, Brokur has bequeathed to you the cursed mines of the Long Belt, its dilapidated settlement, and the leadership of House Grandrock.However, other dwarf houses seek to overthrow you and take control of the valuable minerals hidden deep within those cold tunnels.To complicate matters further, most of the mines’ galleries are haunted by fire spitting demons from the underworld.Cleanse. Rebuild. Survive.

Stoneburner has fully funded on Kickstarter.

This Tabletop RPG

Stoneburner is a sci-fantasy solo-friendly demon-hunting community-building tabletop role-playing game.Inspired by the new school revolution movement, players take on the role of a group of dwarves who must assume control of a demon haunted mine, along with its accompanying settlement. Settlement which they inherited after the death of their distant relative.The game focuses on the dwarves' journey as they navigate the challenges of their new responsibilities, rebuild a new thriving community, and clear the mine of its fire spitting monsters.

Cleanse, Rebuild, Survive

Inspired by DOOM, The Expanse, and Deep Rock Galactic, this game features:

  • Survival-based core system based on Breathless.

  • Player facing mechanics, perfect for GM less or solo play.

  • Fast, and highly thematic character creation.

  • Five character kits, including the Striker, the Sinker, the Sounder, the Spellwinder, and the Stanchion

  • Rules-light mechanics for combat, looting, crafting, and even community management.

  • Numerous ways to generate badass space dwarves, dangerous mines, fire spitting creatures, characters, etc.

You are a Badass Space Dwarf

Play to find out how you will...

  • Explore the cursed mines of The Long Belt.

  • Get rid of the demons haunting its passages.

  • Find out why the demons are haunting this mine.

  • Extract its precious resources.

  • Main the leadership of house Grand Rock.

  • Repair the relationships with the other dwarven houses.

  • Rebuild a thriving colony on an old isolated asteroid space station.


You'll find below beautifully curated playlists for you to listen to as you play Stoneburner.

What Folks Are Saying...

"I wanted to say that Stoneburner is one of the most fun and approachable takes on the dungeon crawling concept that I have ever played. There is so much room to be inventive and original in a game that still has mechanical bite."- James D'Amato - | One Shot Podcast"Merging Deep Rock Galactic, DOOM and The Expanse, Stoneburner is a crowdfunding campaign from Fari RPGs to create that I feel might be the most wholesome horror game I know of."- Andrew Girdwood -"The impressions I had of this game in no way prepared me for what I was walking into. I knew I could look forward to tight design and good layout, but this game came with so much more. At a proposed 69 pages when complete, it’s looking like a solid game that offers a unique science-fantasy gaming experience. Do I think it’s going to be good? Yes. Am I going to support it? Yes. Absolutely."- Graeme Barber -"It’s weird to feel like a proud uncle about a game system, but seeing Breathless grow from humble beginnings into the robust RPG Stoneburner is shaping up to be, I can’t help but swell with pride. Reading this alpha copy of Stoneburner was a genuine delight. I’ve been a fan of Fari RPGs since the original Breathless launched, and the difference a year makes has been absolutely staggering. If you want an easy system with great potential for complexity, if you want to tell stories about making your way in the universe by fighting demons and striking it rich, you’re going to want to watch this space. "- Aaron Voigt -"Are you a fan of fantasy and/or Sci-fi? Well, the cool thing about Stoneburner is it combines both into a single setting. You play a Dwarf, and you may come across a wandering Elf or a Human trader. Do you like base-building games? Stoneburner has rules for creating a base, expanding it, and gaining benefits from it. The more time you spend constructing your settlement, the more benefits you'll receive from it. Do you like games where you get to explore as you go? Stoneburner is all about exploring and discovering as you go. What will be in this abandoned facility or those Asteroids? You'll have to go in there to find out. Maybe you'll find riches. Maybe you'll find ancient artifacts with great power. Do you like highly thematic games with a well-built Universe to play in? Stoneburner has a great feel and theme to it, built-in mythologies, and really great character classes. Stoneburner is an excellent blending of hard-sci-fi and fantasy. In this #solorpg friendly #TTRPG you play as a Dwarf hunting through abandoned asteroids looking for riches."- Croaker's RPG Corner -

"Stoneburner is the D&D killer that Wizards of the Coast never expected! Stunning game!"
- @UnBiasedAnger
Stoneburner looks heckin lit. Really excited to see it.
- @M_Allen_Hall

Leaders Of House Grandrock

Here are Some of the Best Leaders House Grandrock Has Ever Had.

  • Brokur Longneck

  • Rargrim Mourndoom XVI first son and scion of House Mourndoom, bearer of the Red Hand Of The Mountain

  • Krigg Mountainheart Half-Goblin Bastard of House Grandrock, Lord of Anvigad, and founder of the ‘Bastard House’ of Mountainheart

  • Sapphire

  • Blarney - Buddy

  • Grobie Ironarm

  • Glardic

  • Ergo - Eek

  • Legs

  • Kronkle Schmonkle

  • Shiva Fire

  • Dena

  • Harper

  • Cloudsblind

  • Gronk

  • Edan

  • Roger

  • Raven

  • Grimner - Moonin

  • No. 12

  • Mr Seeker - Arnold

  • Dagni Noclan

  • Inspector Morgrim Mournbeard, second security chief for the Steelstone Clan

The Great Hall

You Will Be Remembered

If you've constructed the Great Hall building in the game, send us the names of your dwarf/dwarves so that they can be added in the history books as Leaders of House Grandrock.